Edubirdie Review 2022

The company is loved by students, and it can be very useful in writing essays. Based on my experience, its quality of the essays is satisfactory. I found a couple of strange sentences and a few gaps in the commas. But it wasn’t too bad. The costs at Edubirdie are extremely high since they claim they hire only native English speaker. You also have the option to select the writer you’d like but this appears to be fake. Is Edubirdie scam? Find out in this article!

Service Review

What is EduBirdie? It’s touted as the best essay writing service. It is a place where each student can avail timely and competent support of an expert that is proficient in a specific field. But is it truly so that a business is just trying to give a perfect image? Let’s take a look at the issue. was involved in the scandal of cheating at school in the year 2018.

Popular YouTubers such as Adam Saleh with 4,8 million followers and British gamer JMX with 2,4 million subscribers received a lot of attention after the BBC stated that they were paid to promote the writing services offered by the Ukrainian company.At site edu birdie review from Our Articles The two were not the only YouTubers who were involved in the controversy one 12-year-old YouTube celebrity with 200 000 fans was also marketing the services, as well as causing a public outcry.

More than 1400 videos advocating the company were exposed thanks to the rigorous investigation. YouTubers received hundreds of dollars on their videos that mentioned the outside help for students who were stuck in the process of completing their challenging tasks. The service really had paid to increase their popularity?

Sure, the company had to justify what transpired. This is why “Boosta” is a parent company of Edubirdie, informed that they gave total freedom to the stars to show their writing service to the general public. However, as we’ll see, this resulted in unexpected consequences!

Is EduBirdie cheating? I’ve come to the conclusion that this academic helper doesn’t do it right in order to gain respect among clients. So, I’ve got some doubts as to whether you can take it at face value. As I delved deeper and found some images of their experts, I discovered one more mismatch. They employ fake photos of writers. Their Prof Chris isn’t a true specialist in Linguistics however, he is a Medical Doctor.

It’s easy to check what I’ve laid on the web!

There is also the option of searching for professionals if need to know the truth. Sure, you can tell to me the use of fake photographs isn’t a deadly sin and that the quality of assignments speaks volumes, but the bottom line is that customers are supposed to be able to trust a business they pay to. Making a mess of a great reputation is an easy task, but regaining the trust of your customers takes a lot longer.

Does it make rationale reason to do this? Probably, no! Is EduBirdie scam? I’m hoping that they will not cover their true professionals at some point because many students trust them and count on prompt assistance when writing papers according to the pile of EduBirdie reviews that are available online.

Pros and Pros and


  • Excellent range of products and services
  • Platform for students that is student-friendly
  • High-quality writing


  • Costly services
  • Slow response time to support
  • Not well-suited to complex assignments

Online reputation

Is EduBirdie good? Let’s look at what people think of this academic assistance service. Although the site tried in creating a perfect picture of hiring Youtubers and other YouTubers, it’s just not possible to pay for college students. What I’ve read on the EduBirdie Reddit review.

There aren’t a lot of people who follow Reddit and other reputable rating platforms. I’m pretty sure that this service does not work as intended because I’ve seen a plethora of positive as well as scathing reviews. We must be aware of the truth before deciding whether to make a purchase on their website , or for a different alternative.


Is EduBirdie legit? It seems so. The site has a long privacy Policy section, as and the Terms of Use. Be ready to spend around an hour trying to know all the nuance of the website’s operation.

They say they’ll return the money, but on their website you won’t find any details. In their Money-Back Guarantee page, you’ll find phrases of Nicole Harris, their QA Team Manager, but without specific details. They’ve only provided vague information, and that’s it!

When it comes to the originality of the delivered tasks, they promise to examine everything at least twice. My assignment was original, however, in reading reviews, I’ve discovered that the company’s operations aren’t always as they should be. It seems to me, EduBirdie may be legitimate, but I’m not sure if it’s undoubtedly one of the more trustworthy and reliable academic helpers.

Services of various types

Is EduBirdie legal? It’s a good bet. The site offers a broad array of services and addresses the needs of all students, including:

  • Writing

    • Essays
    • Case studies
    • Admission essays
    • Research papers and term papers
    • Theses, etc.
  • Editing
  • Presentations
  • Spreadsheets
  • Calculations
  • Other services for writing

Process of Ordering

Does EduBirdie work? I’ve gotten a paper from their writers, so I’m convinced that it’s a real business. To complete your order you need to go through the four steps.

  1. Please provide the information about the paper (paper type due date, paper type, number of pages, style, etc. ).
  2. Select your preferred writer from bidders (you have the option of chatting with them prior to making a decision).
  3. Verify the order (add other items, such a draft or 1-page abstract).
  4. Then add the money to your current balance (the money will be released once you have approved the paper).

After the payment has been processed, feel free to kick back and watch for purchase to be fulfilled! The whole process took me around 5 minutes. What’s that? I value every minute of it and don’t want to waste time on the ordering process. If you’re more cautious as I am in choosing the writer, you’ll need to spend longer on the ordering process. It’s your money and your choice.

Pricing and Fees

How much do EduBirdie services cost? The cost varies based upon the work you need to do in the first place, the length of time, and the tutor you choose. I was charged approximately $20 per page. I’m not able to tell you more about their pricing because I don’t know what the procedure is. My best option is to share details of the extra costs in order to prevent you from being ripped off.